Calendly is one of the most popular scheduling services, and the one Brave Thinking Institute has chosen to include in your website, and is the calendar service covered in Life Coach Elevate’s setup fees.

You are not required to use Calendly. If you are already using another scheduling tool such as Acuity or some other software, you can continue to use it. Simply log into your account and access the Inline Embed Code and email it to us at: [email protected] and we will use that code during the customization process. Or if embedding it is not an option we can provide a link to your calendar from your site.

Additional Fees

For calendar tools other than Calendly, If you provide the embed code to us, there are no additional fees for setup.

If you want Life Coach Elevate to locate the inline embed code for you, there is an additional fee and we will need to schedule a separate appointment to either have grant us with remote desktop access, or assist us with the login access and any authentication codes or confirmation links during our call.

If you make changes to your Calendly event type or backend settings after we have initially installed your Calendly code, it might affect the code settings, and the embed code will need to be updated on your website. It is a fairly simple process. Below is a short tutorial showing how to find your new embed code and make the updates on your site.

How to locate your Calendly inline embed code:

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How to add your embed code to your site with WordPress Elementor:

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What is Splashtop Remote Access?

Remote desktop is the ability  to connect with and use a faraway desktop computer from another computer.

Why do I need it?

If you have asked us to create accounts on your behalf, remote desktop access allows the Client Care Specialist to access your computer’s desktop, open and edit files, and use applications while we are connected with you and avoids us having to play phone tag with you to get the necessary access to complete the account creation you requested us to do.

Without this access, we have to go back and forth with you by phone or text, getting special access codes, approvals, having you repeatedly re-enter or re-set passwords, etc. that can often be confusing for you and time consuming for both of us.

With remote desktop access, we can handle all the account creation and setup processes with you watching over our shoulder. The only way Life Coach Elevate can access your computer is with YOUR permission after you install the Splashtop app.

Is it Secure?

Yes – it is secure. Only you and Life Coach Elevate are able to access your computer – and only during the time you have specified to give us access. Once we have finished the setups, you can delete the Splashtop application from your computer, and Life Coach Elevate will no longer have any access. You can also update your passwords to any account at any time for extra security.

If you choose not to allow remote desktop access, that is OK, but that means you will need to perform many of the functions yourself and provide us the information while we are on the phone together.

Macs have extra layers of security. You will need to unlock access and grant permissions for these 4 areas:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Screen Recording
  3. Microphone
  4. Full Disk Access

Here is a link to a short video for how to grant permissions for Splashtop on a Mac:

The BTI website that you were provided is set up to connect with AWeber or MailChimp as the email broadcast provider attached to your free gift offer. These 2 options were chosen because of their value, ease of use, and ease of integration.

You do not have to use AWeber or MailChimp. There are dozens of email broadcast options out there. Some are very complex to integrate and work with, and others like Constant Contact are simple, but restrictive and don’t allow for more sophisticated marketing growth as your business needs grow and change. 

If you do choose a provider other than AWeber or MailChimp, you have two options in relation to this: 

1) You can configure your own intake form landing page, direct the thank you page to the page in your site  /free-gift yourself and provide us with the link to the landing page form

2) If you want us to do all that for you, there is a fee for the extra steps for integration of another email broadcaster program. You can access it here.

Here is Elementor’s WordPress Blog page. You can find information on how to use the pre-installed Elementor plugin here:

Here is a link to a short tutorial video:

And here are written step-by-step instructions.

Password Protect Call Archives Pages

Post links to weekly teaching call recordings to the Call Archives pages. Password protect each class and coach will provide the corresponding password to their coaching clients.

You will either edit an existing call Archives page or create a new Call Archives page and save it. 

  Once you have the page created, saved and closed, go to the WordPress dashboard and click on “Pages”

  Find the particular Call Archives page you are looking for and hover over the page link to bring up the link opti0ns.

  Click on the first text link option, “Edit”, On right hand side will appear a menu. Next to Visibility, click on “Public” 

  Select “Password Protected”, create the password, (write it down so you can share it with your client later), then click the blue “Update” button at the top

Here is a short video that shows you how to locate your Calendly inline embed code:

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Here is a short video that shows how to update your embed code within your website:

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Here is a short video for how to:
1) Edit the Client Login Landing Page where you will list the various classes you teach
2) Access a Call Archives page and edit the call links

Manage Client Login Area

To learn how to password protect a page, see the FAQ above titled “How do I Password Protect a page?” 

A Speaker Kit contains resources for meeting planners.

A typical speaking kit usually includes:

• Professional One Sheet/Bio

• Your Bio in a Word doc so it can be easily copied into bulletins, newsletters, social media posts, etc.

• Professional high resolution color head shot for print and web

• AV Requirements

• Pre-Program Questionnaire

• Optional – Additional Speaking Topics Descriptions

• Optional – Speaking reel – a short video containing various clips of you speaking on stage or engaging with the  audience.


A welcome video is a short introduction to who you are and what you provide. It should be approx. 2 minutes in length, no longer than 3 minutes.

Below is a sample of a welcome video from one of the BTI coaches who is very successful.

This video is just a sample – your video should capture your personality and style. And it should speak to the demographic you are wanting to attract, address their pain points and presents you as someone who understands their issues and who is qualified to help them.

The background behind you should be simple, so the focus is on you. You can film it indoors or outdoors. Be sure you are well lit and that there are no harsh shadows or overly bright areas. If you have not already invested in some lighting for your zoom calls, this might be a good time to do it. You can find some affordable lighting options for home office and online meetings on  Many coaches create the videos in their office, but you could speak from your living room, your patio, or wherever it feels comfortable.

A smartphone on a tripod can work, or you can have someone else hold your phone or video camera. Try a few takes and use the best one. You can start a zoom session and record yourself speaking.

This is optional but you can edit different takes together using different views – some zoomed in, some zoomed out.  You can also add in text, still images, etc. to add more interest to the video if you wish. There are some easy video editing tools and programs out there such as Animoto, Camtasia, Filmora, iMovie, Movavi and more.

When your video is ready, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube, and then provide the link.